5 Crazy Subcultures Not From Japan

Ever since photos started circulating through the internet revealing the crazy street subcultures of Japan’s youth people have assumed they’ve cornered the market on strange fashion, but Japan is no longer the king of kooky clothes.

Fashion subcultures are springing up all over the world that make most Japanese street fashions look tame in comparison, and the underlying theme seems to be that members of these subcultures stick out like sore thumbs in their chosen "territories".

For instance, the rockabilly Raggare of Sweden, who fly confederate flags, sport greaser hairstyles and love hot rods, now that's not something you'd expect to see in Stockholm! The cowboy metalheads of Botswana look equally out-of-place in their native country, but that doesn't stop them from banging their heads to a beat all their own...

Read more about 5 Real Subcultures Way Crazier Than Anything From Japan (NSFW due to language)

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"5 Crazy Subcultures Not From Japan"

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