Redditors Reveal the Craziest Thing an Ex Did to Them Post Breakup

The lengths some nutty people will travel out of spite and vengeance is amazing. This AskReddit thread posed the question “What was the most f*cked up thing your ex did after you broke up?” and got some interesting answers. 

Here are some psychotic highlights (rather, lowlights): 

LovesEwoks: "My ex took a title loan on my vehicle. We were married, so he went to the DMV, requested a new title with his name added. Apparently, that is fully legal until divorce is finalized. That fu**er went to the title loan company and took a loan against the clear title. He never made a payment. I didn’t find out until it was getting towed away."

Jehuy: "We agreed that she’d collect her stuff from “our” place when we broke, without me being there. I arrived later that evening to find two gas valves opened, so I guess I’m lucky I didn’t light a cigarette.

Edit: No, I did not call the cops. How would I prove it anyway? At that point, I was just glad she was out of there and out of my life. And still am. So I decided to ignore it and not sound like a lunatic wailing at a police officer about a murderous girlfriend. Believe me, at this point we'd been through enough. Think I saw her once at a glance, at McDonalds; alas, not fat.

prattastic: "Put me on the mailing and call list for every church group she could find. For two months my phone was blowing up with calls from churches and evangelicals, they wanted money, they wanted to send me bibles and pamphlets. The ones that had my address did send me bibles and pamphlets. Took a lot of patient explaining, and occasionally some frustrated yelling to get myself removed from everything."

TrueEnt: "Not me but a neighbor. The couple got divorced and she got the house in the settlement. Only the house and the immediate house lot, not the surrounding land, that went to the husband.

The first thing he did was sell all the lumber off the rest of the land. She went from living in a nice forest to living in a clear cut. He wasn’t done yet! Once the trees were gone he sold off the topsoil, then the gravel under that. By the time he was done her house was on a hill overlooking a barren landscape reminiscent of the lunar surface. This was years ago and the place is still hideous. Here's a Google Street View of the house."

Ah, those Redditors. Even if you suspeca story is a figment of someone's overactive imagination, generally it's still a good story. Read more breakup antics here. Feeling bold? Share any of your bad breakup stories in the comments.

Via Uproxx | Image: Jennifer Pahlka

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