Conjure Up Some Geeky Fun With These 30 Magic Themed T-Shirts & Win A Tee!

Magic- a simple word that conjures up images of wizards in pointy hats casting spells, and stage magicians who take off their top hat to reveal they've had a rabbit under there the whole time!

Those who love magic know that presentation and delivery are a big part of the act, and those are also a big part of the NeatoShop, where t-shirt presentation is important (our prints are the best in the biz) and worldwide delivery is always free for orders over $75!

Don't forget to read to the bottom, to find out how you can win a free NeatoShop tee!

Spellcasters have a very imposing presence

The Witch Of Arendelle by Punksthetic

People shun them because they find their mystical natures most disturbing

An Evening At Frogwart's by Blueswade

Wizards aren't exactly fans of their fellow human beings either, so they don't mind being left alone

Hagrid's Home For Magical Creatures by Anna-Maria Jung

When a spellcaster begins their training in the mystical arts they leave their old life behind

Expecto Patronum by Paula Garcia

Knowing that they will soon possess forbidden knowledge

Love The Craft by Samiel

This knowledge of the mystical arts will either make them valuable protectors of humanity

Cast Cure by Winter Artwork Illustration

Or nefarious villains hell bent on destroying humanity

Spinner Of Spells by Harantula

Forces from the light and dark side are constantly at odds with each other

Wizards Duel by Laughing Devil

Sometimes even casters from the same side of the spectrum engage in mutual magical combat

Clash Of Wizards by Letter-Q Artwork

The ability to battle without using your muscles is a big selling point for many wizards

Eternia Wizards by Buby87

And the fact that virtually anyone, and anything, can become a wizard with enough training makes wizarding a popular pastime

Wizard by Matt Sinor

Most spellcasters begin their training at an early age

Fairly Odd Potter by Warbucks Design

So they can grow into their magical garb

Go Home Hat, You're Drunk by Lithium

Some look more appealing in their garb than others

Bayowitched! by Coinbox Tees

You don't have to look good in your garb to be a powerful wizard, but it certainly doesn't hurt!

Goblin Magic by DiHA

The training of a spellcaster involves learning many strange incantations

Magic Spells by Tombst0ne

Some casters learn to channel their powers through a staff or wand

Magic Wands by ClSantos

And some lucky spellcrafters get their very own familiar

The Witch's Familiar by Ruwah

Learning about magic means learning about magical creatures

Magical Droppings Guide by Mike Jacobsen

And if a wizard learns to work with these magical creatures they might earn the trust of a fairy

Goth Fairy by Tom Bancroft

Who'll give the young wizard their heart's desire

Magic Love by Letter-Q Artwork

Wizards and witches often learn their spells from older, more experienced casters

The Magic Of Science by Mike Jacobsen

These more experienced spellcasters have traveled the magical highways

The Witch Hiker by Pigboom

And their experience and crafting skills help shape the young spellcaster into a powerhouse

Maker Of Fine Wands by Azafran

With the proper guidance a young wizardling can learn how to cast powerful spells

I Cast Magic Missile by Synaptyx

But even with guidance from the best teachers spells can go horribly wrong

Wizard Neighbor by Maped

But that's all part of living that wizarding life

Wizards Only! by Wharton

Spellcasters are a proud bunch

Not A Wizard by Eltronco

And who can blame them?

Zeal Magic Society by Beanzomatic

When their spells make them a total badass!

Wizards Of Anarchy: Hyrule by Twist Media

The shirts we sell in the NeatoShop are magical in so many ways- enchanting designs, dazzling graphics and awe inspiring customer service. Take a gander at our massive selection of designs and you'll be enchanted by the awesomeness of it all!

The NeatoShop has a shirt for every taste, from the dark and brooding warlock to the shiny happy sorcerer of light and every magical incarnation in-between!

Every NeatoShop sale supports the indie artists from around the world who give us the very best geeky designs to sport on our torsos, so teleport yourself over there now!

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