New Car Tech Reads Speed Limit Signs, Automatically Slows Down Car

The Ford Motor Company’s European division has developed a system that monitors changes in speed limits as you drive. When a driver activates the Intelligent Speed Limiter on his car, he chooses a maximum speed. When the car exceeds that limit, it alerts the driver.

It also scans the road for speed limit signs. When it determines that the car is going over the speed limit in a particular area, it alerts the driver and stops accelerating. It doesn’t apply the brakes—it just takes its virtual foot off the gas. A driver can override the limiter by pressing on the gas pedal.

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-via Gizmodo

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Big Brother is watching you.

On the subject of driverless cars. When an accident is imminent and the choice for the car's brain is to swerve into the queue of children waiting to cross the road or to let you get wiped out by the huge truck that just barrelled through the intersection straight at you, what's it going to do? Don't say it can't happen - it will.
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In the future with self-driving cars, driver licenses will be obsolete. Rich children will own their own cars, which will drive them around. Speeding tickets will also become obsolete, and so the revenue that nasty little speed-trap towns (looking at you, Woodsboro, TX!) will finally dry up. OR....
With the dip in revenue from speeding tickets and driver licenses, nasty little towns won't be able to afford cops. They'll become havens for warlords. I'll bet the warlords will disable the autonomy of their self-driving cars.
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