The 48-state Road Trip

If you really wanted to see America, you’d travel by car to every contiguous state and hit all the famous landmarks on your way. Michigan State University doctoral student Randy Olson worked out the route, shown above. You can see the full-size map here. Since it is a continuous loop, you can start at the point nearest you.

If you had the road to yourself, it would take 9.33 days of driving, Olson calculates, but in reality you'd need at least 2 to 3 months to make the journey.

The U.S. is a pretty big place, but if you have the time and the gas money, this would fill a great summer. Discovery News has more details and a list of the landmarks along the way. -via mental_floss

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Buffy: Speaking of slack, you heard anything from Xander?
Willow: Not for a while. He's still on his cross-country see-America thing. Said he wasn't coming back until he'd driven to all fifty states.
Buffy: Did you explain about Hawaii?
Willow: Well, he seemed so determined.
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I know Delaware isn't very big but you are going to miss seeing "New Castle Historic District, Delaware" if you follow this map. Delaware has only 3 counties and this pin isn't even in the correct one.
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"The 48-state Road Trip"

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