Share Your Unique Sense Of Style With These 30 Cute And Creepy T-Shirts

Cute graphics have lots of fun loving fans, and creepy visuals attract an appropriately ghoulish fan base, but when you combine the two forces you get a unique style that both repels and delights at the same time!

Wearing a cute and creepy graphic on your torso is a great way to spread crooked smiles around town, and when it comes to cute and creepy the NeatoShop's got you covered!

The idea of cute and creepy playing well together began long ago

Fairly Odd by Hillary White

And yet this flavor combo is seen as cutting edge to this day

Flaws- The Left Shark Jaws Parody by Mudge

Cute and creepy works equally well when combined with a genre mashup design

Freddy Scare Bear by TeeKetch

Instantly infusing that mashup with a strange yet visually compelling energy

Are We Not Spirits? by Dann Matthews

Cute and creepy has the power to soften a horror movie icon's edge

Baby Freddy by Demonigote

Or it can make you think twice about how innocent a cartoon character actually is

Bag O' Ribs Doggie Treats by DeepFriedArt

When the design has cuteness and creepiness in equal quantities it both attracts and repels

Cthulhu Hug by Culturlan

Leaving the viewer conflicted about their feelings for a beloved character


Some animated shows use cute and creepy to drive their comedy

Beefsquatch and the Belchers by Inner Coma Clothing Co.

While other shows would have had an entirely different feel if they'd employed the cute and creepy technique

Dr. Albuquerque by Omar Feliciano

Although that would have been one bizarrely wonderful show!

Heicenberg by Louisros

Giving your favorite childhood characters a cute and creepy makeover breathes new life into their story

Why So Curious? by Andy Hunt

And if you rewrite a classic tale with a cute and creepy new edge you've got a good new show everyone!

Dr. Farnsworthstein by Bleee

Cute and creepy designs can be downright terrifying

EvilJuice by PlasticBlast

Even when the thought behind the design is quite simple

Go Duck Yourself by Hillary White

There's something about seeing cute characters all creepified that really makes you feel something strange

Walking Connection Parody by Chip Skelton

Causing the viewer to laugh nervously

Stewis Shinning by EdWoody

Unsure whether what they're looking at is tickling their funny bone or poking their terror tissue

Hello Dick by Matt Parsons

And if you're a lover of cute and creepy you wouldn't have it any other way!

Gotta Eat'em All! by JCMaziu

Cuteness and creepiness are two great tastes that taste delightfully taboo together

I Love Bacon by Mike Jacobsen

And these designs are sure to make an impact on people wherever you go

Hello, My Baby by JakGibberish

Sometimes the person will be horrified when they look closer at the design draped over your torso

Head Over Heels Lolita by Poofette

Other times it will take them a second to figure out just what your shirt is saying

Happy Hookers by Wolfie5150

And then there are the cute and creepy designs created to perplex

Kick Yourself by Matt Sinor

From subtly creepy to overtly terrifying, there's nothing more colorful than a cute and creepy design

Walking Sesame by Toxic Ice Cream

And when people see you wearing one of these amusingly disturbing shirts you'll be the talk of the town!

HUNTING THE BAT by Fernando Sala

Your fellow fans will most likely tell you that your shirt is terrifying right before they ask you where you got it

King of Despair by Hoborobo

Either that or they'll simply be too dumbfounded by the amusingly repulsive nature of your shirt to respond at all!

Padded by Hillary White

Either way you look at it- with cute and creepy you win!

Super Invader Gir by Legendary Phoenix

If you like to keep your style on the strange side of geeky then you gotta check out the NeatoShop for all your cute, creepy, geeky, super seriously cool, and of course cute and creepy needs!

There are designs to appeal to every fun fashion lovin' geek in the NeatoShop, and every sale supports both Neatorama and the independent artists from around the world who make our fashionable lives more visually interesting.

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