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10 Delightfully Bizarre Pet Products

Manufacturers of pet products are well aware that we're obsessed with our furry family members, and they're constantly creating new products which are invented in an effort to please our pets.

Meanwhile, cats would rather sleep in a cardboard box than a pet bed, dogs would rather chew on any old dead thing they find in the backyard than that expensive chew toy, and most pets could care less if they leave the house properly dressed.

Even though many pet products are frivolous and serve no real purpose they're really fun to check out (purely in the name of research, of course) so here are ten pet products that make pet ownership a real hoot!

1. Table Leg Cover & Dog Chew Toy-

(Image Link)

It should go without saying that giving your dog permission to chew on the legs of your dining room table is a bad idea, but if your dog's gonna chew they might as well chew in style!

This Table Leg Cover & Dog Chew Toy by Gala & Gino keeps your table legs from becoming a pile of splinters, and adds a bit of functional canine fun to your home decor.

2. Fish N Flush Aquarium Toilet-

(Image Link)

Tired of staring at the same old boring white toilet while you make water? Replace it with this Fish N Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium and potty time will become an oceanic adventure!

Your fishy friends will be glad they're not the ones being flushed, and you'll have yet another place to put an aquarium, bringing you one step closer to becoming a real life fish whisperer like your hero, Aquaman!

3. Bow-lingual & Meow-lingual Pet Translator-

(Image Link)

If you're certain that your pets have been talking trash about you behind your back then you need to strap one of these handy dandy pet translation devices to their neck and bring their slander to the light.

The device comes in Doginese (BowLingual) and Meownish (MeowLingual) versions, and it's made in Japan by toymakers Takara Tomy, so you know it works right every time. Just look at how purr-fectly satisfied this cat is with the MeowLingual's amazing meow translation abilities!

(Image Link)

4. Feather Tether Bird Leash-

(Image Link)

Do you dream of taking your bird on a walk but fear they'll simply fly away? Strap the Premier Feather Tether Bird Harness on 'em and watch 'em waddle around on the ground like a flightless schlub!

Avian aficionados find the Feather Tether to be a far more humane alternative to clipping their beloved bird's wings or keeping their poor feathered pal cooped up in a cage all day.

5. Dogone Thong Dog Flatulence Controller-

(Image Link)

Most humans know better than to let their flatulence fly in polite company, but our furry friends don't know anything about politeness or etiquette, so they just fart whenever they want.

That's why classy pet owners need the Dogone Thong Dog Gas Neutralizing Pad, which is both fashionable and a fart stench fighter. 

6. Flat-Pack Cardboard Toys for Cats-

(Image Link)

Cats loved cardboard boxes way before Maru made it cool, but who wants their cat hanging out in some plain old cube of cardboard?

Discerning cat collectors can make their homes a more colorful place by giving their feline guests one of these Flat Pack Cardboard Toys for Cats by Suck UK, the stylish way to let your cats play peek-a-boo.

7. Rear Gear Dog Butt Covers-

(Image Link)

Dogs don't have a problem with their butts hanging out all day, but humans see dog butts as a real eyesore. That's why humans have taken it upon themselves to restore decency to the dog park with the Rear Gear butt cover- a sticker that makes your dog decent by covering their shame with a sticker.

Now, instead of staring at Bowser's brown eye all day you'll be staring at a flower, a first place ribbon or another fun symbol guaranteed not to offend our delicate human eyes. 

8. The 48 Inch Pet Wheel-

(Image Link)

Pets are a bundle of furry energy, especially when they're puppying or kittening, and we don't always have time to take them out for walks, nor are we all lucky enough to have an exercise yard available for our furry guests.

Enter The 48 Inch Pet Wheel- the only pet wheel big enough to give those frisky furballs a proper workout. It's an essential part of your pet's home gym, and if you connect it to a pedal powered generator your overactive pet can actually help pay for their room and board by generating electricity.

9. Portable Fish Bowl-

(Image Link)

Fish are the most sheltered of all household pets, because it's hard to be a fish about town and stay properly hydrated, not to mention the fact that most fish can only breathe underwater.

People on the go and in the know have discovered the solution to the issue of fish mobility-the Portable Fish Bowl. It's the stylish way to escort your fish around town, a fun fashion accessory and mobile fish prison in one!

10. Push Pushi Dog Raincoat-

(Image Link)

Dogs don't have opposable thumbs and can't walk on their hind legs for very long, so using an umbrella simply isn't an option. So how can doggies keep their heads dry when the sky is falling all around them? With the stylish and silly looking Push Pushi Dog Raincoat, from the high flyin' folks at SkyMall.

Now your dog can strut around in sci-fi style, and while it doesn't do much for their legs or hindquarters their head will stay completely dry...until they splash around in a puddle and render the whole thing useless.

Pet owners- please keep pampering your pets with these ridiculous(ly cute) products, and we'll keep getting our kicks by sniggling at the adorable hilarity of it all!

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I want one of the cat translators! Reminds me of Unkie Herb's baby translator from The Simpson's.
Maggie (barfing on his nose)
Unkie Herb: "Eureka"!
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It seems that the fish and flush aquarium is just a bad idea. In case you take a dump you wont see it, in case you are defecating you usually look the other way, so you can't see it.
In case you are in the course of making water you can't see the fishes also as the view is obstructed by the toilet seat/lid. Even the use of a transparent toilet seat/lid has the adverse affeckt that staring at the moving fishes may reduce the accuracy of the watering process. All in all it just seems like a very complex flusching water heating device.
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