A Map of Every Goat in the United States

Now you know. Consider yourself warned.

According to a 2012 census by the US Department of Agriculture, there are 2,621,514 goats in the United States. Christopher Ingram of the Washington Post notes that that's more goats than the combined human populations of Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, and Washington, D.C.

In Sutton County, Texas, goats outnumber humans 14 to 1. And most of those goats are raised for meat. What will happen when the goats realize this?

-via The Presurfer

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Isn't it amazing! The government can track 2 million + GOATS but can't find the illegal aliens that enter on visas and don't leave. Maybe time to start putting tracking chips in all visa visitors.
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Two Texas goat ranchers are riding along the fence that separates their property. They come upon a goat with it's head stuck in the fence. Rancher Billy Bob jumps off his horse and starts f*cking the goat with gusto. Billy Bob hollers to Rancher Joe Bob "You want some of this action?", Joe Bob says "Sure do, but do I have to stick my head in the fence?"
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There is a piece of property near me where the owner keeps a good sized group of goats. It is listed as "farmland" so the taxes are low. The guy is sitting on a gold mine when he decides to sell it for development. Meanwhile it is a true curiosity.
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