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The Set of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Is Now on Public Display

For more than three decades, Fred Rogers was our neighbor. Through his television programs, he was a special friend who helped children grow up healthy. If you were a child during his era, you got to visit his neighborhood through the screen. Now you can do so in real life. The Heinz History Center in Rogers’s own city of Pittsburgh has several items from his set on public display.

(Photos: Senator John Heinz History Center)

Among them is King Friday’s castle, the Great Oak Tree, Mister Rogers’ living room, and several of his puppets.

-via Daily of the Day

P.S. A few months ago, I read Many Ways to Say I Love You: Wisdom for Parents and Children from Mister Rogers. I highly recommend it. This book helped me clarify who I want to be as a father.

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If people haven't seen this clip of Rogers testifying in front of the US Senate in 1969 in an effort to save some funding for PBS, please do yourself a massive favor and watch. It's one of the most breathtaking things I've ever seen. He just melts the Sen. John Pastore's gruff facade. BTW, Pastore would later say that Roger's testimony had given him goose bumps.
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John, I've also gotten that sense as well. I went to school with one of his kids and that was more awareness of his personal life as I think most people around here (Pittsburgh) had of him.

A couple of other things -- my mother used to give tours at WQED, where he did his show. She told me a story of giving a tour that included a young child.

Fred Rogers appeared near the tour. The child broke free from the group, ran to Rogers and hugged him, excitedly saying, "Mr. Rogers, I love you!" He said he loved her as well.

I can barely type that without tears welling up in my eyes.

One other thing: I looked up some information about a memorial service held for Rogers after his death. Teresa Heinz Kerry said the following: "He never condescended, just invited us into his conversation. He spoke to us as the people we were, not as the people others wished we were."

We should all strive to be the same way.
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There are so many stories of him being unexpectedly nice to people.

One thing that I noticed from reading a book about him: Rogers was very good at setting boundaries. He had a professional life, a private family life, and a line between them that he enforced politely and effectively.
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John, that's very cool about the Fred Rogers' book. He would be quite pleased to know it had that impact on you.

I waa an intern once upon a time at WQED here in Pittsburgh, where Mr. Rogers did his show. I came flying in the door one morning, frightened that I would be late. I looked up and there was Fred Rogers, waiting for the elevator. He actually paused his conversation, looked at me, and said, "Hello."

I loved him when I was a kid and there he was, being the same way in person that he was on the show. All of a sudden, I felt much more calm.

As an adult, I so appreciate that he was the real deal. I got to a point as a kid where I was too cool for his show. But once I grew up, I was just stunned that he was genuinely a nice, caring guy. People here in Pittsburgh who knew him say the same thing - he was just the real deal.
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