10 Facts You May Not Know About Elvis Presley

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

1. He was pals with Clint Eastwood.

Elvis and Clint Eastwood used to see each other around the studio they both worked at in the mid-60's. According to Clint: “I was always wearing a gun. (Elvis) loved to do fast draws and stuff, so we always did fast draws together.”

“I liked him. He seemed like a good guy. Had a lot of guys hanging around, big entourage.”

2. His wife would cut up his meat for him at meals.

Elvis always loved meat, hamburgers, steak, whatever, and he demanded it be cooked extra well-done or "burnt.” During his marriage to Priscilla, she would cut his meat for him before he ate it. If Priscilla wasn't present, Elvis would have one of entourage cut it up before he ate it. They also salted it before he ate it.

3. He tried LSD once.

The King did try LSD, just one time. According to Elvis' entourage member, Sonny West, Elvis was curious one day and tried some LSD.

Nothing much happened. Elvis watched the movie The Time Machine and ordered a pizza. He was quiet and, according to West, he was more interested in watching others' reactions to the drug.

4. He hated women with big feet.

As every Elvis fan well knows, Elvis was a notorious ladies man. The ladies loved Elvis and it was certainly reciprocal. One of Elvis's biggest turn-offs in the opposite sex was women with big (or dirty) feet. If Elvis ever noticed a woman had big or dirty feet, she wouldn't have a chance to "get to know him better.”

5. He wanted to make guest appearances on Laugh-In and Hee Haw.

Elvis was an inveterate TV watcher.He enjoyed watching many popular television shows in the '60s and '70s.

He actually thought about making cameo appearances on both Laugh-In and Hee Haw. He thought he could do a brief cameo on Laugh-In when he rode a tricycle, incognito. It never happened.

6. He didn't know the Beatles by name.

In 1965, the celebrated formal meeting of Elvis and the Beatles took place at Elvis' house in Bel Air. Since Elvis had no idea which Beatle was which, during the meeting, he addressed each one as “Beatle,” instead of using their first names.

7. He loved to shoot off guns (okay, you knew this one already).

Elvis loved and cherished his guns. He would sometimes carry as many as five guns on his person. He made sure his then-girlfriend (his later wife) Priscilla carried a concealed handgun.

He loved to shoot out television sets, especially if singer Robert Goulet (who he hated) appeared. Elvis once shot out a TV that was getting poor reception. He once shot his Ferrari after it stalled on the road.

8. He was crazy about Monty Python.

Elvis just loved Monty Python. He could recite entire episodes of their TV show Monty Python’s Flying Circus and watched the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail many times. When recovering from a serious bout of ill health in the mid-1970s, he watched Monty Python’s Flying Circus reruns. He saw in the new year 1976 by viewing a Monty Python marathon at Graceland.

He sometimes called people "squire" in homage to the "wink wink, nudge nudge" Monty Python sketch. Elvis liked to interject Monty Python references in his live shows.

9. The “Gladys" factor.

Interestingly, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe, probably the most popular male and female sex symbols of the 20th century, each had mothers named “Gladys".

10. The "added on" final scene in an Elvis film.

In the original version of Elvis' first film Love Me Tender (1956), Elvis is shot and killed and is never shown again. But after a screening of the film, the audience had a very unfavorable reaction to Elvis dying.

So, to placate the Elvis fans, the studio added a new scene of Elvis singing the movie's theme song over the end credits. Interestingly, Elvis' hair is dark black in this new ending, although it was blondish-brown all through the rest of the film. Elvis had started dying it dark black after he'd originally finished filming.

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