Terrible Real Estate Photos

Terrible Real Estate Photos (previously featured at Neatorama) is a website full of shots that defy all realty rational thought and reason. Toilets smack dab in the middle of the kitchen. People wearing reflective gear while in the corner trying to hide from the camera. Carpets that look like Pigpen died on them. House-eating trees. If there's currently a feature that's slightly embarrassing in your house, something you've been meaning to get to, this site will make you feel a lot better about it. 

The site recently published a book of these photos, perfect for your realtor friend or family member who is feeling down for making mistakes not nearly as egregious as these. 

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Realtors in my town take horrible pictures of even perfectly nice houses. When I had a house for sale, I took pictures myself because the ones in the ads were so awful. But neither realtor would bother to lift one more finger than they had to for a commission under ten grand, so they never got replaced. And checking through the other ads in town, I found that none of the local realtors cared about photo quality.
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I am a real estate investor. I see this sort of stuff daily...

In the process of buying a house that was turned into a biker bar. Flat black everywhere. Mannequin heads hanging from the ceiling. Shotgun shell christmas lights. Toilet seat on the wall for the $#!T#3AD of the month! Cheat codes for most games written on a scrap piece of paper(my favorite). Could probably produce a chapter just on this one house...

I went into another house, and they had a stripper pole in the living room, and a book on the mantle "7 habits of highly effective people"....

LIVE THE DREAM! Become a real estate investor.
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