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Why People Keep Trying to Erase the Hollywood Sign From Google Maps

For decades, visitors to Los Angeles have tried their best to go see the famous Hollywood sign up close. It’s not easy to get to, involves quite a bit of walking, and the view isn’t great when you get there. But they keep coming, and the people who live there keep trying to stop them.

By 2011 the anti-tourist rhetoric reached a fever pitch, with homeowners mounting a vicious campaign threatening visitors, who, unsurprisingly, just kept coming. Some neighbors painted their curbs red (illegally) to discourage parking and tacked up more signs (illegally) warning against trespassing. In a vacant lot, someone took the time to build a full-on piece of land art that seemed to echo the large white letters in the distance: TOURISTS GO AWAY.

And now, although the location is correct on maps, if you request directions to the Hollywood sign from Google Maps (or several other services), you get directions to one of two “observation points” that are not near the sign. You can’t really blame the neighbors for being tired of tourists parking on and blocking their streets constantly, but the idea that a small number of homeowners have the clout to dictate policy to Google Maps, Apple Maps, Bing, and the GPS service Garmin is a little unsettling. Get a rundown of how it happened in an article at Gizmodo.  -via Metafilter

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Very true RCXB. I've seen footage of them blocking public paths, sending guards out to harass people walking on the shore and more. It's disgusting what people think they can do just because they have money and someone else doesn't.
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That's NOTHING compared to what beach-front property owners do. The beaches may be public property, but private developers are allowed to buy up miles and miles of land, and refuse to allow anyone to park nearby, or even walk through to the beach. It's not strictly illegal, and it's a clear-cut case of public lands being stolen and locked-up for private use by the wealthy.
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Thought: if you don't want to deal with tourists by your house...then don't move right next to a world-famous landmark. People are so entitled these days.
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I loved the hike up to the sign. We parked on Lake Hollywood Dr at Wonderview Dr and walked to the end of Wonderview to the Tree of Life Trail. Then just stay to the right on the trail until you hit the fence at the radio tower, then skirt the fence to the right down to the sign. Had a good laugh at all of the signs on the drive up.
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It's not the only place removed from Google. The Bohemian Grove, party site of the rich and richer, does not appear on Google Earth, even though it has several large parking lots, an amphitheater and a hundred or so buildings.
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