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Story Ideas for a Post-Apocalyptic Seinfeld

(Image: NBC)

Redditor googledhowtobehuman asks, “What would be a "Seinfeld" situation in a post apocalyptic world?” I would love to watch that sequel! Bring all of the old actors back together to shoot a few episodes.

Here are some funny responses to googledhowtobehuman's question:

mrfujidoesacid writes:

Jerry: What do you mean you've got a bomb shelter?

Kramer: Yeah, me and Bob Sackimano, we put one down in Long Island in 1989 after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Jerry: You're telling me you bought a bomb shelter after the Cold War was over?

Kramer: Of course! They were practically giving them away, Jerry!

A redditor with an unrepeatable name suggests:

The group is put into peril when the rifles supplied to Kramer by Bob Sacamano turn out to be movie props.

George has to break it off with his GF because she saved him from a zombie attack, and now he feels emasculated. "I can't take it, Jerry. Last night, we were in bed, and I was the little spoon! Its the big spoon or nothing. Theres no coming back from being the little spoon!"

Itsaschooner writes:

Jerry tries to impress a good looking lady with gangrene by telling her that he knows a doctor. Unfortunately, Tim Whatley is the only "doctor" within the area and Jerry is forced to bribe him with the last of his Snapple.

George meets a lovely, capable woman who seems to genuinely like him but he is convinced that she is only using him to procreate and thus ruins the relationship. Kramer opens up a shelter for people to spend the night that inadvertently becomes a brothel. Meanwhile, Elaine is offended that nobody thinks she is a worker at the brothel.

Dotcor_Strangelove imagines the dating scene:

George convinces a slightly disfigured leg model to have dinner with him by explaining that he has a tin of corned beef, which he does not.

The only person with such an item is Newman. When he finds out why George wants it, he insists on a date with Elaine as payment. On it goes, with George orchestrating a frustrating network of trades and promises until it is all precariously in place.

Turns out the corned beef tin is missing the little key thing to open it, and nobody has a can opener.

-via Super Punch

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