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13 Hilarious Moments In Heavy Metal History

Heavy Metal is one seriously hardcore genre of rock, and metalhead musicians who grew up listening to bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Judas Priest wanted to take heavy metal in an even heavier direction, so subgenres like Thrash, Death and Black Metal were born.

It's safe to say that metalheads, both musicians and bands, are a pretty serious bunch, which makes it all that much more hilarious when you discover comedic moments like these set to a heavy metal beat.

1. Black Metal commercial from Finland-

Selling products by using a heavy metal soundtrack may seem strange, but when the product is a throat lozenge it makes perfect sense!:

(YouTube Link)

2. Dad Metal-

Just because you grow up and start a family doesn't mean you have to leave your heavy metal years behind you, just ask the dads in this hilarious Dad Metal sketch from Funny or Die:

(YouTube Link)

3. Death Metal Cat-

The kittehs are the most powerful critters on the planet thanks to teh interwebs, and cats are also the physical embodiment of heavy metal:

(YouTube Link)

4. KFC Black Metal Commercial-

Nothing says wicked evil like Kentucky Fried Chicken- at least according to this commercial for their Wicked Crunch chicken sandwich!:

(YouTube Link)

5. Ronald McDimmu's Hamborgir-

Black metal bands like Dimmu Borgir try to look as terrifying as possible on stage, from their spike laden clothes to their corpse paint, but Ronald McDonald proves his paint makes for a far more terrifying stage presence:

(YouTube Link)

6. Black Metal Babysitting-

Want to keep your kids from becoming bored, and therefore boring, little brats? Hire a black metal babysitter and show them how to be cool- the black metal way:

(YouTube Link)

7. Vegan Black Metal Chef-

Brian Manowitz proves that veganism and black metal go well together, and his hilarious video series Vegan Black Metal Chef teaches folks how to sacrifice vegetables, and mash potatoes with a mace, without harming any animals:

(YouTube Link)

8. Norweigan Black Metal Commercial-

When you're surrounded by metal heads it's hard to find time to let your hair down and channel your inner child, but metalheads who want to let loose should make sure the door is locked first!:

(YouTube Link)

9. Heavy Metal kids-

If your kids grow up listening to heavy metal they might turn out like this adorable brother and sister duo, who enjoy banging their heads from their car seats as their totally metal daddy drives:

(YouTube Link)

10. Death Metal Clown-

Even WalMart has gotten on the heavy metal bandwagon over the years, using the powerful sounds of Cannibal Corpse in a commercial for their totally un-metal department stores:

(YouTube Link)

11. Cannibal Corpse- Hammer Smashed Face (Radio Disney Version)-

If you're gonna play metal music for the kiddies you gotta keep the music poppy and the lyrics clean, especially if you're aiming for that big kids music win-getting your track played on Radio Disney!

Andy Rehfeldt created this hilarious example of what a Radio Disney version of Cannibal Corpse might look like:

(YouTube Link)

12. Church of Death Metal-

What do extreme fundamentalists and metalheads have in common? They both know how to bang their heads! Add a death metal soundtrack to an ol' fashioned hallelujah freakout and you've got hilarity in the making:

(YouTube Link)

13. Master of Muppets-

Lastly here are some Muppets covering Metallica's classic "Master of Puppets", with Beaker unleashing his inner demons into the microphone, and Animal finally playing the type of music he was made to play:

(YouTube Link)

These videos demonstrate that it's okay to have a little fun with your favorite music, so make sure you have a smile on your face the next time you go to a metal show!

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