This Is the Smart Way to Move a Refrigerator

(Photo: New Zealand Herald)

A truck is better. But what if you don’t have a truck? Or even just a length of rope that can be used to tie it to the roof of the car? That’s when you ask a friend to help you—a friend that really loves you, but you regard as a bit expendable.

Police in West Auckland, New Zealand are looking for these two men (presumably there’s someone driving the car) who were spotted transporting a refrigerator on the roof of a Nissan. But rather than congratulating them on their daring, they would like to warn the men that what they did was dangerous. Such spoilsports!

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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The real problem with laying down refrigerators is that the very heavy compressor motor isn't anchored to the base all that well (rubber feet for vibration dampening allow it to flop around several inches when not standing upright), yet the gas lines can't aren't flexible, and the weight of the top of the compressor pulling on them can very easily make a small crack, allowing the refrigerant to escape.
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Strapping the refrigerator to the trunk of the car works very well. You need nice flat straps (not rope) that will allow the trunk to close and latch, and the refrigerator can't be much taller than your car is wide, but it holds extremely securely without any possible damage. Also desirable: some tape to hold the doors closed, and a blanket to avoid paint scratches.
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Oooh, bad idea.
The oil in the compressor is supposed to stay in the compressor. Tip it up like that and the oil will slosh up into the pipes. That's mostly OK if you can leave it to stand for several hours before starting it - but if you don't the oil gets forced round the evaporation circuit and has a narsty habit of clogging the expansion orifice. And you don't want you orifice clogged with skanky oil.
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