The Dead Are Walking Again...Better Blend In With These Cool Zombie T-Shirts!

It seems people are growing accustomed to seeing the dead rise from their graves and walk amongst the living, and when folks make a TV show about it the population goes nuts! 

But don't forget- a real life zombie apocalypse is no laughing matter, and you're better off being prepared to either smash some zombie skulls or blend in with the walking dead.

Good thing the Neatoshop has a mighty fine assortment of zombie themed t-shirts and merchandise, so you can gear up and stay alive in style!

The zombie apocalypse doesn't start with a roar- it always starts quietly, with a hungry look in the eye of the infected

Tea Time of the Living Dead by Doodle Dojo

Suddenly people around town start looking mighty strange

Zombie Punk by Jesse W. Campbell

They start getting all handsy, and toothy, with you, as the infection starts to spread

A Cold Welcome by BinaryGod

And before you know it people all around you are hungry for human flesh

Flesh of Zombie by bykai

The towns are quickly overrun by shambling corpses with insatiable appetites

Zombie Zone by Troy the Artist

And sometimes the infection isn't limited to human beings

Cute Dead Things "Kitty" by Twist Media

Which can make for much scares

Dawn of the Doge by Gordon Brebner Designs

Even if some of those zombie animals are pretty darn cute

Zambi by Dooomcat

But animal zombies represent an even bigger threat, because their cuteness catches us off guard

Zloth by SilverBaX

And if it spreads to insects, and the bees become zom-bees, we're all doomed!

Zombie Virus Plus Killer Bee Equals Zombee by Mudge

It's a good thing there are brave souls out there ready to help repel the zombie invasion

The Warping Dead by SilverBaX

Zombie hunters are a proud bunch, and if you've got what it takes they might even show you the ropes

Hunters Academy by jml2art

Many of them have been training their whole lives for just such a catastrophe

I'm Ready, Are You? by robotrobotROBOT

They know that survival comes with a cost

Just Us by SilverBaX

Sometimes the cost is their very humanity

The Infected Rick by CoDDesigns

But most keep on keeping on, hacking and slashing their way through the rotten crowd

Kill Walkers by RjohnArt

Because even though those zombies might have been your family members once upon a time

DOh! Zombies! by Warbucks Design

You can't let sentiment get the better of you if you want to survive

Walker Grimes by Stationjack

Zombies are mindless eating machines

ZomBoy Attacks by Winter Artwork Illustration

But like most eating machines they can learn to adapt in order to feed

Zombie Ingenuity by Dooomcat

And will sometimes mimic human behavior to get closer to their next meal

Zombro by C0y0te7

They might even try to act like humans by trancing out on the TV screen

The Watching Dead by Di.Jay

Zombies are known for loving kids shows

Zombotubbies by Ottyag

And cartoons really keep them entertained

Rainbow Bite by poopsmoothie

They might even revisit one of their childhood favs

Snow Fright by Emilie Boisvert

Or watch reruns of their favorite action packed cartoon show

The Walking Ra (Exclusive Neatoshop Variant) by LadyTank Studios

Because let's face it- zombies are like simple minded children

My First Zombie by Emilie Boisvert

They don't know why they're always shambling around in search of brains

Teenage Mutant Ninja Zombies by Harebrained Design

But that doesn't make them any less dangerous

Rosie the Zombie by Pengew

So it's time to either fight, hide or try to fit in

The 100 Acre Dead by Blueswade

And, as it turns out, it's not too hard to blend in

Zombie Pixel Guts (Zombie 01) by Demonigote

Zombies love being part of a crowd, so what's a few more cold bodies added to the mix?

Season's Eatings by machmigo

Some zombies are so proud of being undead that they form clubs

Woodbury Biters by Morlock

And wear their rotten affiliation on their sleeve

Appetite For Flesh by Letter-Q Artwork

But most just wander blindly through the afterlife looking for their next meal

The Last Of Little Blue Ones by BazNet

And really aren't that scary at all, as long as you're surrounded by friends and plenty of weapons

Zombie Hunter by SilverBaX

So cheer up- the zombie apocalypse doesn't have to be the end of the world...if you've got heart!

Legend of Zombies by Winter Artwork Illustration

We hope you've enjoyed this journey through the dark side of geeky fashion, and encourage you to get geared up for zombie-mania with some amazing zombie themed t-shirts from the NeatoShop

You'll look great, have an awesome new t-shirt that will last for years with proper care, and best of all NeatoShop t-shirt sales support independent artists from around the world. Happy hunting!

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