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Musician Glen Campbell Writes (Final) Heartwrenching Song About Alzhemiers

This might just be the most difficult post I have ever written here. That may sound silly, but sadly, Alzheimer's has been in my life since I was just a child. To see someone you love forget themselves and forget everything around them, while slow degenerating, is a dark place I would not wish on anyone. In the same breath, we ALL need to talk about this condition more, and a song like this will incite the needed discussions.

(YouTube Link)

Famous 70s musician Glen Campbell was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2011 and has been battling it relentlessly since. Seemed he had finally reached a point where those around and even he became aware that he could not record music anymore, as his Alzheimer's was getting worse and worse.

He decided to record one final song called "I'm Not Gonna Miss You" and it is about exactly what you think it's about. I will tell you right now, this is painful. A man aware he is slipping into oblivion and choosing to say goodbye one last time the only way he knows how. Please, share this and spread the word. The more aware we are of this condition, the more funding it gets, the less we have to worry that it will be like this forever.

Remember when Johnny Cash put out the Hurt video right before he passed away? Yes, this feels like that, but with an even deeper meaning. For those looking to learn more about the disease or find out ways they can help, check out the Alzheimer's foundation. 

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Thank you for your kind words. This disease is a nightmare. It's so hard to see your loved one slipping away and there's nothing you can do for them. It's a sneaky disease. It doesn't hurt the afflicted like a bruise or a broken bone would. It hurts everyone who loves them. Every single day. That pain doesn't ever go away, IMO. And there's no silver lining.
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Hi, Lothar, thanks for the info. My dad's in a wonderful assisted living home 1/2 an hour from me. They are very good to him. I am disabled so I can't care for him myself. All his money is funneled into his care. When that runs out he will have to get gov't support. The sad thing is he and my mother never, ever budgeted for anything so nothing was put aside for their futures. I sold their home and that's all that's keeping him in this facility. It's a nightmare, truly. I live in a new home in another state from where most of my family still lives so I know no one down here. Perhaps I will try to make some online connections. Thanks for your help and concern.
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Rem, as someone who has been dealing with memory issues, but thankfully not this horrible disease, I have tears down my face. I know the feeling of losing part of myself, my most precious memories, its frustrating, its painful, it makes me feel less alive. When my family or friends and even my own children ask me.. 'remember when', I stare at them with a half smile and tell them to remind me. I hope they don't know I do not remember, but I know that they know because of the sadness that is in their eyes right before they tell the story. I feel like I am watching someone else's life but also know that somewhere, somehow this was my life too. I hope I never end up having Alzheimer's disease, but I also wish someone will fix my brain so I can live fully again, I am half of something else altogether.
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Sandyra, if you're not already, see if you can get some help taking care of your dad. Try your local Department of Aging for some leads on where you can find it. Please also take care of yourself in this. If you burnout, it's not going to help either of you. Find support online or in-person. Or both.
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