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Is it Unhealthy to Stand in Front of a Microwave?

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Have you ever had anyone warn you not to stand near the microwave as it is cooking? Watch as Mental Floss takes on the often heard warning, particularly in media presentations. Is it a wives' tale or not? -Via Laughing Squid

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WiFi is a better comparison... Same band/frequency and everything. Besides, some people are still scared their cell phones are going to give them cancer, so that might not be so comforting.
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The radiation emitted by a microwave oven is about the same frequency (but much lower in amplitude) as a mobile phone. Technically, EVERYTHING emits radiation ALL the time (infrared). In the video, using the warning sign for hazardous IONIZING radiation is either ingnorance or scare mongering.
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I don't stand in front of them anymore because one kinda exploded at my parents house. Mom was just heating up some peas and she had just walked away from it when it happened thankfully because there were little shards everywhere and she would of had a bad day if she was still looking in it. The microwave was just over a year old.
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People are just terrified of the word "radiation" because they don't really know what it means, and remember those scary alpha/beta/gamma particles.

Meanwhile, light bulbs emit huge amounts of radiation... Probably more (over the course of a day) than your microwave, and without any shielding! Yet nobody is scared of reading lamps... Perhaps because it's extremely uncommon to call it "light radiation", unlike microwaves.
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