A Morbid Look at 25 Writers Who Killed Themselves

Though it is a morbid subject most would rather just avoid, it would be almost foolhardy to ignore the number of famous writers and authors who have taken their own lives. What is the correlatiom between suicide and writing? Though I have some theories myself, they are simply that. Theories. But to deny the impact suicide has had on literature would be to deny a huge part of its history.

Over at The L Magazine there is a list of 25 famous authors who killed themselves, and I bet there are a few entries on the list you did not know. I am not pointing out this article to be unqiely morbid or to sadden anyone. It just seems to me that once we can recognize this epidemic facing writers, maybe we can me more aware on how we can potentially change that.

Enlightenment is the first step towards change.

I am not sure if that is true, as I just made it up. Regardless, this article will make you stop and maybe rethink just how much you THINK you want to be a writer. There are, in fact, several hazards that go along with this field.

One of those being, apprently, suicide.

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"A Morbid Look at 25 Writers Who Killed Themselves"

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