"The Beatles Never Broke Up" Is A Site You Need To See, Right Now

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I, myself, love a good conspiracy theory here and there. They don't just exist to rile up feathers. Conspiracy theories exist to help teach us to think outside of the box. To question the versions of stories we get from mass media and life itself. There is nothing wrong with questioning things. Yet I also know some conspiracy theories need to be taken with a grain of salt.

The conclusion you draw about The Beatles Never Broke Up site is up to you, but I feel like more of you needed to see it and hear what it claims. On the site, there is a man who says he is in possession of a Beatles tape that was never released and that proves they kept working on music together, even after they have claimed a public break up.

Truth is, I am not here to tell you the guy is crazy or tell you he isn't. I am simply here to tell you that, if you are a fan of the classic band, you'd be doing yourself a great injustice by not at least skimming the site and taking a listen to the MP3's he provides. It may very well be the ramblings of a lunatic, but if it is, they are some very interesting ramblings, regardless of what they do or do not prove.

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If you're looking for a "weekly world enquirer" style crazy story, this is fun. But c'mon, if you're going to pretend to have a never release beatles tape at least make the music sound like something the beatles could have made.
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