The Story of One Incredibly Scary Hiking Trip

Image Credit: Michael Fiegle

There are some details that go along with hiking that people seem to forget. Namely, do not do it alone. As much as it can be zen, depending on where you go, bad things can happen. Also, take into consideration all the things that can naturally happen when one is exposed to those elements and you realize, hiking it a tad more dangerous than most people make it out to be. But outside of a few mountain lion stories here and there, it is all usually pretty mild. Well, this story goes a little Blair Witch, so be prepared.

The Unresolved Mysteries page on Reddit has a hiking story right now that is something right out of a horror movie. For me to tell you too much will ruin the fright factor of the story, but I will tell you this straight away: It is super creepy and sounds like the makings of a perfect horror movie. Don't worry. It is nothing so upsetting that you will read it and need to bleach your mind (this is Neatorama, folks), but it is a creepy little unsolved mystery that is well worth taking a few minutes to read about.

I was going to go for a hike today, but a bike ride in the city seems like a much better idea now.

Via SuperPunch

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"The Story of One Incredibly Scary Hiking Trip"

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