The 26 Feels Every Guy Goes Through When Shopping With His Girlfriend

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I will admit to you all that most men do not like going shopping with their lady. It is not an act of disrespect or disregard, but we just do not have the patience to sit there while our girlfriends and wives try on a multitude of outfits for hours at a time, while we sit on a bench at a store, looking dead inside. This is not to say all women shop like that, and all men don't like it. That would be an unfair generalization. That being said, there is an element of truth to what I just said. Heck, half the guys I know don't even try on clothes when they shop. They just buy the right size and hope it works out. But women can be a different story. 

So maybe some people wonder what it is like for a man when he goes shopping with his girlfriend. The strange range of emotions he must go through. Well, put together a list of the 26 feels that all men go through when shopping with their lady, and if nothing else, it is really good for a laugh.

It is mostly told in gifs and single sentences like a story. But I would be lying if I were to say, as a man who sat on many a stool for many an hour waiting for the ladies in my life to pick clothes, a few of these had me laughing out loud at how true-to-life they are.

Also, no disrespect meant to any females. We love you, that is why we suffer for you. Selflessness, after all, is a big part of love.

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I've been married 20 years and i've never once made my husband go shopping for clothes with me. That sounds miserable for both parties involved. But I happily wear things he buys for me as presents: my Chewbacca purse, Kung Fu movie T-shirts and glow in the dark Converse. Yeah, I'm that girl. High maintenance. lol
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Many of my wife's favourite clothes are ones I've chosen. Of course, she chooses her own too, sometimes with me, often without. But the ones that she's still wearing years later are usually those I've brought back unannounced.
Perhaps it's 'cos I tend to buy functional durable things... (insert smiley of choice here).
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