7 Incredible Natural Phenomena You May Have Never Seen

Image Credit:Rolf van Mellis

Weather is a fairly compelling spectacle. Not just weather itself, but some of the weirder weather phenomena that occurs throughout the world. The stuff we hear about, but never see. Truthfully, in regards to some of the things mentioned on the following list, you may not even HEARD of them.

While everyone can say they have seen a particularly tumultuous rainstorm before, what about when it rains fish in Honduras? That is one we might not as familiar with.

Witnesses of this phenomenon state that it begins with a dark cloud in the sky followed by lightning, thunder, strong winds and heavy rain for 2 to 3 hours. Once the rain has stopped, hundreds of living fish are found on the ground. People take the fish home to cook and eat them.

I am not even sure what is weirder. The fact that the sky rains fish semi-regularly in Honduras, or the fact that the natives take the strange fish, cook it, and eat it. To them, it is a gift from the Gods. To us, it is science.

This list over at Oddee of strange natural phenomena is well worth checking out, as raining fish seems to be the tip if the iceberg. Don't worry. It is not all weather related. One of the entries is about goats who climb trees.

Yup. You just read that correctly.

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The circumhorizon arc isn't that rare, and is something you can see several times a year in the US (or anywhere of comparable latitude and cirrus clouds) if you know what to look for in the summer. The name 'fire rainbow' also seems to upset atmospheric scientists, because it is neither from fire or a rainbow, and the term is not historic, but was created by the news a couple years ago.
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