Impressive Works Of Art And Architecture In The Middle Of Nowhere

Impressive works of art and architecture are no less impressive when there’s nobody there to see them, and sometimes their remote placement can make them seem even more spectacular:

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This bust of Lenin was Russia's response to the U.S. setting up a research station at the South Pole in the 1950s- Russian scientists placed this "research station" in the most difficult spot to reach in Antarctica, then they planted a cherry on top shaped like Lenin's head.

A bust in the middle of nowhere almost makes sense, but creating an art installation modeled after a Prada store in the middle of that's highbrow!

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This Prada "store" is located in remote Marfa, Texas- Population 2,000, not one of 'em a fan of Prada.

There's a full stock of merchandise inside the store, but there aren't any cash registers, or doors for that matter, as creators Elmgreen & Dragset intend to let the building slowly become one with the high desert.

Speaking of a structure with no customers- there's one and only one movie theater in the middle of Egypt's Sinai Desert, but they haven't had a customer for years:

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The End of the World Cinema was built just over a decade ago by an unnamed French man who had the seats, projection equipment, a screen and a generator trucked in, hoping to start a cinematic sensation.

Sadly, the generator failed almost immediately and the whole doomed project was left to rot, but according to recent reports the entire place has been trashed, by desert dwelling movie critics no doubt...

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The Prada building is not actually in Marfa- it is 40 miles north, just outside of a tiny community called Valentine (I drove past it Tuesday morning- it hasn't moved). Marfa is definitely full of plenty of other pretentious "art", though.
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