Top 10 Movie Monologues

Don't you wish life gave us as many opportunities to monologue as the movies seem to give people? Just that perfect opportunity when the room is quite right after something awesome (or troubling) happened or is about to happen? That moment when we can stand up, and just inspire (or scare) everyone into awed submission? Believe me, I have tried forcing monologues and it does not go over well.

Thankfully, WatchMojo put together a list of the top movie monologues. So, essentially, you can watch these and take notes, knowing just the right time to bust out that perfect speech to floor everybody. Just a quick warning, though. You are not Sam Jackson, so do not try to monologue like him. It just wont work. That screaming, preaching style seems to work really well with him, but makes other people look silly. Just warning you.

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I will tell you, as awesome as the list is, it made me really happy to see the speech from Jaws in there. Part of me thinks that should have been number one, but that might just be me.

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I would've picked Gordon Gecko's "greed is good" speech as #1. Col. Jessup's "You can't handle the truth" monologue/speech in "A Few Good Men" should've been in the top 10. And I don't know if it counts, but the Drill Instructor's introductory speech in "Full Metal Jacket" is also worthy of at least an honorable mention. But most of the monologues in the video are also iconic and it would be a shame to remove any of them.

(BTW, not that enthused with the #1.)
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