Did You Know God Hates Shrimp?

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There are few things out there as funny as religious fundamentalism. The idea that people like to use the concept of God or religion as an excuse to attack other people, sects, or beliefs is insane. While there are so many examples of it out there, I would like to take a moment to point out the website God Hates Shrimp to you all. I am pretty sure you can figure out who the site is satirizing, and it makes it all even more laughable.

You see, this site is here simply to prove how asinine the ideas of places like the Westboro Baptist Church are. Sites like this exist to show us that, sometimes, in our own narrowed mind, there can be huge gaps. The truth is, while we cannot prove or disprove the existence of God, and will like you no matter what your belief system is, the reality is, he or she would not likely hate shrimp. Or anyone or anything else that is different, for that matter.

A site like God Hates Shrimp just reminds us how skewered some people's views are, and does so in hilarious fasion.

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I fail to follow your (Word Masters') logic in this case. Are you saying that a belief is free from mockery based on how many people follow it? Or that any cultural trait should prevent or even inhibit anyone else from possessing an opinion, especially one they might have reached through rational consideration?

And before someone blurts out the word, "respect," try to figure out what it actually means and why it has value in the first place. If I am supposed to respect anyone for venerating something that's completely pointless, doesn't that subvert the actual definition?
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