Watch Christopher Walken Sing A Song from the Puss in Boots Musical

First off, yes, this really happened. in 1988, there was a direct-to-VCR Puss in Boots musical that starred the enigmatic and awesome Christopher Walken as the titular lead. Yes. Again, not kidding. I know it sounds like something the internet would make up, but this exists. I know there are a lot of Christopher Walken fans out there, and with good reason. He is an odd, intruiging man who usually has a looming presence. But flash back to him in Puss in Boots and you see a whole different side to the star. We all knew he could dance because of the wonderful Fatboy Slim video he starred in, but did you know he was classically trained in theater acting, which means singing, too!? Just take a few minutes out of your day to watch this mad man leap around and sing about being a cat. Trust me, it will immediately improve your day, and quite vastly, I might add.

There are almost TOO MANY things worth mentioning here. From the outfit to the creepy mustache, even as a singing and dancing human-cat, there is something ominous about this man. The funniest thing about Puss in Boots is in Walken's biography, he claims it is his favorite work.

That just sort of blows the mind even more.

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