For Sale: Chocolate Toilets, Bidets, Sinks, and Bath Tubs

(Photos: is an online retailer of bathroom fixtures, such as fiberglass sinks and toilets. For that company, this chocolate bathroom was a simple response to evidence that there is a market for chocolate bathroom fixtures:

We understand design, functionality, what a shower tray actually does, all of that sort of stuff. Our area of expertise has not historically been confectionary! Nevertheless, of the millions of Google searches for sweet related terms each month, a number of these come to our web site. Why? Because people are regularly searching for "bathroom sweets".

Were people looking to find loo-specific treats, or was this just a simple case of bad spelling?

The answer is pretty obvious. Clearly people wanted bathroom suites, and they just got it a bit wrong. But that got us thinking: just how do bad spelling, a love of confectionery and bathrooms come together like that?

The company's response was to build a bathroom made of chocolate. Choccywoccydoodah, a British chocolatier, provided rich Belgian chocolate for the task.

All the chocolate objects that you see here are on sale. That bidet costs $11,656 (USD) and contains 210,000 calories. The entire set costs $133,196 and will add 9.4 million calories to your diet, should you choose to eat it.

The company claims that the chocolate fixtures will remain solid for 6 months if kept at room temperature. But let's be honest: you're going to eat it all long before them. 

-via That's Nerdalicious!

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