The Salmon Cannon

Once upon a time, salmon swam upstream to spawn on their own with no real problems. It was exhausting, but it was their natural life cycle. In modern times, dams and other manmade water barriers have caused the fish no end of problems, yet they still try their best by instinct. Some dams are so high that wildlife agencies have been trucking salmon around the barriers.

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But now comes the salmon cannon from the appropriately-named company Whooshh Innovations. It’s a vacuum-powered tube that shoots the fish 100 feet or so uphill on their journey (they have a 500-foot tube, but so far that’s only for frozen fish). What fun! As soon as the tests are done, some enterprising engineer is going to adapt these for water parks, just you wait and see. Read more about the salmon cannon at The Verge. -via Daily of the Day

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Just out of college, I had a job netting salmon at Bonneville Dam. One guy sat on top of a ladder watching the fish pass through the fish ladder. He had a button to press that would direct salmon into a chute that ended in a 6' x 6' tub. The rest of us would dip net the fish into a small dumpster filled with water and a fish anesthetic. The fish were knocked out, and then transferred to a tank truck of water. When the tank was full of fish, the truck would drive to a fish hatchery where the fish would 'ripen' before their eggs and milt were harvested. The whole process was probably quite stressful for the fish. I imagine this is a nicer alternative.
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