Ten Amazing Technologies Nearing Fruition

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From Hybrid Librarian is this video that details ten emerging technologies that aren't long from becoming realities in some form. How do you think things would change with these technological advances in place? There always seem to be drawbacks as well as positive outcomes. Via Science Dump.

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The Hype Machine goes to eleventy on the Internet. When I made a meager attempt at blogging, I once posted that The Future is a Drag, Man. It broached your very subject, although was more a commentary on where we predicted we'd be by now. Granted, the future I examined it was more Almost Human and less Terminator. ;-)

I, personally, do think of the iPhone as a game-changer. Different or similar tech may have been there before, but it was all crammed into a single tiny PC-in-a-pocket and accepted by the masses. Or, at least it felt like a twenty-first century tool.
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A bit worried at the idea of driverless cars on the "pavements" of the UK (as the video said). Pavements is the UK equivalent of sidewalks, I think perhaps the cars should stay on the road, so they don't mow down pedestrians!
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I stopped watching after 60 seconds. Over the years of listening to promises that will "change our world", one thing I've learned is that the truly world-changing technologies are not "mind-blowing". The true game changers are those which appear with a whimper and have a gradual acceptance rate until they reach saturation, at which point people can't imagine life without it.

Electricity and the telephone are two obvious examples.

In 2000, the Internet was quite different than it is now, but it was not considered a vehicle for social change in those early days. Smartphones existed prior to 2007; they were called something else (PDAs with Internet and phone, such as the Palm), but it took force once someone was able to combine already existing technologies into a unified platform.

Those technologies hyped as the great solution to everything ultimately failed, or simply never reached fruition. Atomic energy. Heck, anyone remember the Segway?

Not to be a Negative Nelly, but I've learned to take these kind of pronouncements with a grain of salt.
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