How Does That Happen?

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A heart attack at 32. Let’s rewind to see how this happened. This powerful anti-obesity PSA from Your Nutrition Spot gets you right where you live. Makes me glad that my parents never kept junk food or soda around when I was young, and sweets were a rare treat. I have too many unhealthy friends who weren’t as “deprived.” -via reddit

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They believe I was fat as a child and that my parents must have fed me too much junk food and/or that my school must have had pop and junk food in vending machines. (My parents did not feed me junk food and my school had no vending machines.)
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Yes, I should have specified Type 2 diabetes. My husband has it, but I also have two friends with Type I, or "juvenile" diabetes. Or, actually, just one, because the other died. It may seem like stereotyping, but in the post I was referring to people I know with Type 2 diabetes, and I also know their lifestyles and eating habits. I have no doubt there are others that do not fit the most common path to diabetes.

Why do people assume you are fat? Can't they see you?
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I have diabetes. I did not get it from junk food or pop. I think I'd had one can of Coke in my entire life before I was diagnosed at age five. My diabetes is an autoimmune disease, but because of lines like yours about "diabetic friends," people automatically assume I got diabetes because I was fat, because my parents fed me junk food when I was a kid, or because I drank too much sugared pop. How about you stop using stereotypes and inform yourself about diabetes.
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"How Does That Happen?"

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