Customer Service Fails on Hidden Camera

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I've often called stores like Target to check stock on a item in an effort to reduce my time spent trying to procure it. Here, Jack Vale makes calls to check stock, only to find what he suspected was true: the employees who handled his calls weren't actually checking stock. While I've had the feeling the same thing was happening to me in the past, I never verified that, choosing instead to look in another store.

What has happened to me more than once is an employee quickly telling me that the store is fully stocked on an item, only to get there 15 minutes later and learn they've been waiting on stock for days. Perhaps calling ahead to certain stores doesn't really save time after all. Via
Viral Viral Videos.

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I've worked retail in the past, and I considered customers already in the store to be a higher priority than someone who calls asking about stock. Someone who may never even show. Why is their time so damn valuable? Do they think they're calling room service? Retail wage slaves are not your personal shopper.
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I was a Walgreen's assistant manager once. One very successful sale item was the big roll TP ; we use to store the extra inventory on top of the cooling unit in the back room and you needed a ladder to get them down.
One day, I was busting my chops in the back room and I overheard another assistant manager, "Mr P", answering a customer about the big roll TP shelf being empty ; Mr P then entered the back room, gave a quick glance at the huge pile of big roll boxes on top of the cooler, another quick glance at the ladder, then did a u-turn and told the customer "no, sorry, we're out of it!".
I'm not a native English speaker, but this time everything came out perfectly, with amazing power and grievance, as I yelled on Mr P. I think I leveled up my English skills that day :D

For people who work in retail : never forget who's paying you : it's not Walgreen's, Target, Home Depot or Sears : it's the customer.
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If you ask to see if something's in stock at a Canadian Tire (brand name) store, they can check the inventory of other Canadian Tire stores, but they always call for you to have someone physically check, since their inventory system is usually wrong. It's saved us some driving around to find out the inventory is wrong. Nice customer service, though.
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