Keep Your Snacks Fresh for Only $17

We've all had to deal with stale and expired food before, but preventing the spoilage completely generally requires buying an expensive vacuum sealer -at least, until now. The iTouchless Bag Re-Sealer uses heat to re-seal bags so no air can get in to taint your favorite snacks. Best of all, the item is cheap -only $16.98 for two on Amazon. 

The only drawback is that the reviewers say you can only use the items on thick bags or else the plastic will melt away too much.

Read more about the item at Homes and Hues: The $17 Bag Resealer

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Yeah - we had one about that long ago - and yeah - it was fairly useless. For one thing, if there's any grease on the sealing faces it doesn't stick properly - and many foods are slightly greasy.
It seems like an overly technical solution to a simple problem.
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This is useless if you leave the oxygen in the bag. Virtually all sealed packages these days only contain nitrogen – they seal the bags so they can keep the oxygen out, and once you open then you let the cat out of the box... or to be more precise, you let the cat inside the box.
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