Indian Women Still Sew in Advanced Age

A government program in Chhattisgarh, India, aims to distribute bicycles to women between the ages of 18-35, and sewing machines to women aged 35-60, in order to make the lives of working women easier. But records provided by Chhattisgarh Labour Department under a sunshine law shows some shenanigans.

The list of beneficiaries includes 6,189 women who were shown aged 114 years. Besides these, the list has six women showing age 202 years, three showing aged 212 years, two showing aged 282 years.

There were at least 14 women shown above 300 years, seven in their 400s.

Age of one woman was mentioned as 532 years.Taking to TOI, Aggarwal said this misinformation could be just a tip of the iceberg, as the data obtained by him pertained only to Raipur. "If the information provided is correct, then beneficiaries' list has been fudged," he said.

Yah think? More likely, the information provided is not correct. Around 19,399 sewing machines have been distributed under the program. Although women have been known to lie about their age, they usually keep it within the realm of possibility. The next time someone inappropriately asks my age, I will tell them I’m 532. Read the rest of the story at The Times of India. -via Arbroath

(Unrelated image credit: Flickr user Kshitiz Anand)

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Cor - wish I could have a new sewing machine. I've a set of curtains and our son's jeans to repair and I can't find the power lead/foot control for my elderly New Home machine. Might have to find a "wong" one and make it work. Or build something modern with which to drive it.
But a new one woujld be lovely.
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Maybe they started reckoning their age in months while they were babies, and never stopped? 532 months is 44 years and change. It may be a count of menses, which would add another 12 years or so, depending on nutrition. This could make some of the lower ages, in the 200 range, still in the 30s.
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