Back to the Forties

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Ben Sansum of Godmanchester, England, has fashioned his  life around the 1940s -especially his home, which is completely furnished in the accoutrements of the period. I can certainly understand his feelings about furnishings, because things were built to be beautiful and to last back then. There are some drawbacks, though, like the lack of permanent press clothing and non-stick skillets. Sansum even washes his clothes by hand! I collect antiques, but I wouldn’t want to do without an automatic washer and dryer, and a computer. The rest of the family couldn’t do without TV. But Sansum doesn’t do completely without, either! -via Nag on the Lake

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His comment about the effort needed to maintain his things giving him more appreciation is well put. The early 20th century was before we had so much planned obsolescence and consumer-mindedness. Looking at the luggage carried for a long steamship journey, one is struck by how little was carried along.
The trouble is, I kept expecting him to come across a dead man with a knife in his back, or some other artifact of a Ms. Marple visit!
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This reminds me of two awesome british tv reality shows: Electric Dreams: The 30 Year Experiment (YouTube, episode 1), In which a modern family's house is transformed 'to' the 70s-90s to show how the technological revolution of the 1970s, 80s and 90s has transformed Britain’s homes and all our lives.

And the later Turn Back Time: The Family (YouTube, episode 1) wherein three families have to live in different eras spanning 100 years, in classes according to their ancestry.

Very well worth the watch :)
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