Death Metal Band Performs in a Soundproof, Airtight Box Until It Passes out

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The band did not do so out of kindness for passersby in London, but as an act of performance art entitled "Box Sized Die."

The band is named Unfathomable Ruination. Although this would be a poor baby name, it is suitable for a death metal band or an exceptionally large and greasy burrito. The band is collaborating with João Onofre, a Portuguese artist noted for his performance work.

(Photo: Unfathomable Ruination)

They placed a large, soundproof and airtight box on a sidewalk in London's financial district. Three times a week until August 1, the band members enter the chamber. Assistants seal them in. Then the band plays until it collapses from heat and lack of oxygen, which is typically 14-19 minutes. To ensure that there are repeat performances, the assistants then unlock the door.

Onofre explains that these noisy, stuffy, hidden performances are commentaries on the work of office workers in the area:

According to the artist behind the piece, the box is a symbol of the 'boxy' offices in the area where people work.

Onofre said: 'In this corporate architecture you do not see what is going on inside. The same thing is happening here.'

-via David Thompson, who quips, "Why parents rarely want their children to be artists, part 9."

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