Times Square Officials Calling For A Real Life Superhero Registration Act

(Image Via Gawker)

In a recent example of real life playing out like the plot of a comic book, officials in New York are about to make the Superhero Registration Act a real life thing…for Times Square characters.

(Image Via In Other News)

After years of reported problems with the superhero clad busker types who hang around Times Square posing for money, culminating in the recent arrest of "Spider-Man" for allegedly groping a tourist, heads of the Times Square Alliance are proposing a law requiring all street performers, especially wanna-be superheroes, to be licensed and regulated by the New York state government.

So it’s kinda like the comics, only the superheroes in this instance don’t have any powers, and this most certainly won’t lead to a Marvel Universe divided via the Civil War, although there may be a new batch of outlaw superheroes wandering the sidewalks of Times Square in the near future...

-Via ComicsAlliance

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