For Tax Purposes, Marvel Argues that Mutants Aren't Human

It's stunning that Marvel Comics would throw its weight behind the Mutant Registration Act. But in order to keep more money, the company's attorneys argue that mutants, such as the X-Men, aren't human:

In the non-fictional world, our world, Marvel is taking the position that mutants are not humans at all. But this isn’t an ideological or a moral stance. Instead, it is a financial one. Toys manufactured in other countries and imported into the US are subject to taxes, but those taxes are lower if the toys represent non-human characters. That has led to Marvel lawyers arguing that an action figure representing, say, Wolverine, is actually “representing animals or other non-human creatures (for example, robots and monsters).”

Link -via Nerd Bastards | Image: deviantART user Fandias

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Aren't Mutants in the Marvel universe scientifically referred to homo superior a hominid classification. If the current Tax code allows a big foot to be classified as non-human Marvel wins, no? Spiderman and Fantastic Four pay up.
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I bet manufacturers of Doctor Who and Star Trek action figures have this problem too. At least watching a few episodes of the shows will quickly back up the non-human claim.
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Of course, this is probably coming from the same law firms who helped the Supreme Court define corporations as people. Now corporate bribery of politicians can be defined as "free speech" because GE is a person just like you and me.
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