The Ultimate Escalator Fails Compilation

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I feel really sorry for people who fall on escalators, especially elderly people, but most of the clips in this compilation are young people trying to pull stunts that just plain backfire. You could say they got what was coming to them, although I hope there were no broken bones as a result. Maybe they’ve learned their lessons by now. Oh, don't try this at home -or in a shopping mall, either. -via Tastefully Offensive

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I never did figure out why it worked I just know that it did occasionally work and was funny as all get out when it did. For some reason even though the handrails moved with the stairs there was enough slippage to allow it to be pulled backwards. I think the way to see if it still works is to try it on a bunch of escalators in different stores and malls. I would guess all escalators in a mall are probably made by the same company so if one doesn't work they probably all won't work. Then again it might be an anomaly. It won't cost anything to see if it still works.

(standing by for progress reports)
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They can also be a LOT of fun! I learned this really neat trick a long time ago.
Possibly during the time I worked for Banker's Trust in Manhattan in the mid
'60s right out of High School? I think my father may have taught it to me. While riding an escalator DOWN and your hand is grabbing the handrail pull your hand back. You can pull the handrail backwards. It is quite hilarious to watch everyone's arms go back at the same time. What's great is no one can tell it is you causing it. I haven't tried it in a very long time and I do remember it didn't always work but is easy enough to try and I guarantee you will laugh if it works. GGGG Only works on the down escalators if I remember correctly. I'm not sure if it worked on both handrails or only one.
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