This Woman Really Captures The Personality Of All Twelve Zodiac Signs

The pick-up line “what’s your sign?” may have gone out of style in the 70s, along with the Pet Rock and macramé wall art, but people still groove on the zodiac as a happenin' way to get some guidance about which long, strange trip to go on, and where that wavy gravy road will lead.

Debra Silverman is an astrological professional who offers zodiac related advice, like when you should dig everything and everyone or when to stay inside because your bad moon is rising.

Debra also happens to be a psychotherapist, so she's able to provide even more insight into the minds of the twelve different personality types. Apparently she's also an actress, and as you'll see in these videos she can bust out a zodiac personality type like nobody's business!

Personally, I'm a Gemini, and her performance of my Zodiac Personality In Action is spot on:

(Video Link)

However, I've known plenty of Scorpios, many of my best friends are Scorpios, so I can safely say there's something about this Scorpio Personality In Action that seems a bit off:

(Video Link)

What do you totally right on readers think? Was Debra's analysis of your sign mind blowing and like wow, man, or does her astrological chakra need a bit of fine tuning?

Check out all of Debra's totally uncanny personality performances here and see if she captures the zodiac side of you!

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I agree 100%, and expressed as much in a former response here. But apparently the truth hurts, and the author (who has since used 'antisocial' incorrectly in another post) made it go bye-bye. Which is too bad, really, being infinitely more counterproductive than just ignoring me in the first place: the deletion proves I conveyed my thoughts to the very person I was intending to address.

Of course, an author swift enough to realize censure proves the criticism has reached the intended party is the author who'd not have bothered us with the zodiac silliness in the first place.

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Considering that astrology is 100% pure BS, I don't see what is so uncanny about it. And she claims to be a psychotherapist? Which, if any, reputable Mental health organizations support pseudoscience for treatment of patients? She plays to the vague stereotypes associated with the twelve signs. Granted she is pretty good at role playing, but then the whole astrology thing is a Crock of Taurus.

By the way, where are her interpretations of Ophiuchus (December 6 to December 31) and Cetus (May 12 to June 6)?
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