I Dare You to Watch This Entire 3-Minute Video

I'm in my 30s, but I don't have the attention span that I did as a teenager. Back then, I could actually read an entire book in one day and, occasionally, one sitting. I could watch an entire movie or study a difficult subject for 2 hours without interruption.

I think that I could do all of these tasks again if I had to do. But it's harder since I've started living online.

In this video from College Humor, Adam Conover challenges you to watch an entire 3-minute video that contains no hidden surprises or punchlines. Can you do it?

-via Huffington Post

Did you manage to watch the entire 3-minute video clip?

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I'll try to put GGG (grins) if I am being facetious. As for rhetoric you're on your own.

The suggested wording for the 3rd poll option looks like a winner.

I knew that, I was feeling a bit froggy then. I hope Alex wasn't looking for alligators
on that road. GGG
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I'm sorry, SparkS, sometimes we take your questions as facetious or rhetorical. The answer is: "Yes."

The intention would be more obvious if the option said "I refuse to watch the video."

I, and the other authors, sometimes respond in Alex's place because he's often on the road and cannot reply as quickly as we can.
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I made a comment to Alex and got two replies. Neither one from the one I commented to. It looks like neither one understood my point which was it seemed that by "refusing to participate" they are actually participating even if their vote isn't counted.

(to quote Alice "curiouser and curiouser)

(still haven't watched it)
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That option came about when there was a question directed to men, but you had to answer in order to see the results, so we added the option so women could see them. It's also useful to keep people from registering an opinion when they really don't have one, which might skew results.
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