25 Delicious Facts About Lobsters

If you are a seafood fan, or even if you aren't, here’s some things you should learn about lobsters. No recipes, though; these facts are about the animal itself, its anatomy, and life cycle. Some may ruin your appetite -at least for a short time. For example, lobsters communicate with each other by peeing!  

14. Lobsters pee out of their faces. The urine comes from antennal glands located near the antennae. "They're greenish brown spots," Bayer says. "They actually look like two pieces of snot—that’s the best way to describe them. You'd have to open them up to see them." Peeing at each other is part of both fighting and courtship.

17. A lobster that's a pound and a half might carry 8000 to 10,000 eggs, which are kept in place by glue created in her cement glands. "The bigger they are, the more eggs they have," Bayer says. "You might have 30,000 or 40,000 on a really big lobster." If you’re eating lobster and find bright red stuff, that’s unextruded eggs—also known as roe.

Cement glands. That’s something you don’t read about every day. Ain’t nature wonderful? Read the rest of the list at mental_floss.

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