Invasion of the Yellow Crazy Ants!

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Invasive species are everywhere. The story of the crazy yellow ants is just one of many, and they all seem to resemble the old song about the woman why swallowed a fly. Every remedy only seems to bring new problems. This video from MinuteEarth gives us some of the latest thinking on what might work. Maybe. Unintended consequences are always lurking around the corner. -via Geeks Are Sexy

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Never been stung by a fire ant? It burns (just like fire) but the bite becomes a horrible blister that festers and then you end up with a scar. I got bit too many times the first year I moved down here and now I am pretty allergic to their stings. Got to keep an epi-pen in the house now. Needless to say but I rarely walk on my lawn anymore. grrr
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I'd never heard of those raspberry crazy ants. Wiki says they cover themselves with formic acid as an antidote to the fire ant's poison. It also says they are extremely hard to eradicate, and have caused millions of dollars in damage. From what I've heard of how a fire ants sting is, it may well be worth the money.
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I don't have any ant-ics to report, but the accidentally-introduced Asian Tiger Mosquito is freaking horrible. They are aggressive and active all day long, not to mention transmit a large variety of viruses.
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I moved to Louisiana 6 yrs ago. We have fire ants and boy are they miserable. Ant dirt piles all over the yard, don't even think of walking on the grass w/o shoes.

Well... last year we got crazy ants. They are calling them raspberry crazy ants. They call them 'crazy' because they don't follow each other in a line like other ants do. No, they run around in all directions. They are quite small. They absolutely love to eat fire ants. They ate them all on our lawn. They don't bite, which a great thing! Apparently they also like electronics, cables, wires, cell phone, stuff like that. They haven't eaten any of our stuff (just the ants) but I have heard stories about folks in Florida having a pretty rough time with them. Have no idea how to stop them but if they keep eating my fire ants then they can stay.
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