Ten Most Unintentionally Disturbing Statues In The World

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Public art is meant to be eye catching and pleasant to look at, and not something that will make little kids cry or make people feel uncomfortable being around it, so when public art frightens rather than amuses it becomes the talk of the town.

Putting up a statue of Marilyn Monroe’s iconic pose from The Seven-Year Itch is one thing, but putting a statue of a half dissected pregnant warrior woman in the town square for all to see is bound to give the kiddies nightmares!

The artists clearly didn’t intend their statues to be terrifying (although a few are definitely testing the boundaries), but sometimes what looks good on paper, and in the studio, looks rather scary when exposed to the light of day.

Feast your eyes on The 10 Most Unintentionally Terrifying Statues In The World

(NSFW due to language, like nearly every post on Cracked)

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I was speaking more from the general public's point of view, personally I'd be fine with extremely graphic/racy/etc. public art works, but people in general wouldn't want to see them, and they would find those kind of statues to be acceptable for young kids to see.

Just because I wrote an article from a point of view doesn't mean it reflects my actual opinion in life, but you obviously have a narrow margin for interpretation and take everything anyone writes at face value.
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Huh, my son sees weeping angels everywhere we go, I find it funny, the lady with the angel statue at the mall was clueless though, I guess having a nine year old boy telling you "whatever you do just don't blink" could seem a little creepy. Lol
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