A Northern Death Adder Demonstrates Caudal Luring

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This is the Northern Death Adder. As far as snake names go, that’s an excellent choice. It would suck to be a snake named the Sissy Adder, the Wimp Viper, or, worst of all, the Harmless And Tastes Delicious with Sriracha Snake. “Death Adder,” whether northern, southern, eastern, or western, is definitely the right way to go.

Northern Death Adders are relatives of the cobra (by blood, not marriage.) They’re among Australia’s most dangerous snakes, which says a lot. They have tails which flick about, similar to the movements of a caterpillar. This behavior is called caudal luring. The snake entices prey to approach it with the promise of a meal.

So, as you go about your daily life, if you see a mouth-watering caterpillar, check carefully. Before you chow down, make sure that you’re not trying to bite into a venomous snake.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

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"A Northern Death Adder Demonstrates Caudal Luring"

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