Forget the Dustpan, CentraLux Makes Sweeping Easier

While the idea of a central vacuum system isn't new, they aren't particularly useful for hardwood or tile floors. But the CentraLux changes all that by using the vacuum to eliminate the need for a dustpan and the need to ever bend over while sweeping (something a lot of people can appreciate). 

Just sweep up your floor, get the dust pile over by the VacPan and then hit the switch with your foot to suck up all the dust and debris. It's like the simplicity of sweeping things under the rug only actually getting rid of your dust pile cleanly.

Learn more about the new innovation at Homes and Hues: CentraLux Changes the Cleaning Game

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It's weird that your earlier comment didn't get published. I checked and couldn't find any deleted comment from you, so it's probably just never got published in the first place. I hope that's a (rare) hiccup in the system rather than a persistent bug. In any case, I apologize for the inconvenience.

This post by Jill isn't an ad - we will disclose such information (usually with the appropriate info like "sponsored post."). Thank you!
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I tried posting earlier, but it looks like it didn't make it through (or was deleted).

This seems like an ad, or a paid post or something. This isn't anything new, and just links to the product page.
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"...they aren't particularly useful for hardwood or tile floors."
I must admit I don't understand this. Aren't smooth, hard surfaces actually easier to clean?
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