How to Play 3-Sided Soccer

If you can imagine football combined with chess and poker, then you’ve got an idea what three-sided football is like to play.

That’s how Mark Dyson, the founder of the Deptford Three Sided Football Club describes this unusual take on soccer. It started as a critique of the Cold War and a search for an alternative to the dualities within it. Dyson explained to the Daily Telegraph:

. . . he explains that Danish situationist, artist and philosopher Asger Jorn came up with the idea of three sided football. “Jorn felt that the dualistic antagonisms of the East/West political dialectic could be ameliorated through the introduction of a tertiary power which would engender a rotational series of shifting alliances to neutralise the tension”.

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The winner is the team which is scored against the least, not which scores the most goals. This encourages players to make temporary alliances. Players have to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of the other teams and either take advantage of the weaknesses or encourage the strengths depending on how the game advances.

-via TYWKIWDBI | Image: Daily Telegraph

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