The Art of Crossing the Street in Vietnam

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Either you are very brave and confident or have a death wish. Those are the two possible mindsets if you decide to cross a busy street in Vietnam. This video shows a man crossing a street in Saigon while cars, buses, and scooters whiz by. None of them stop and only a couple scooter riders slow down even slightly.

It must take nerves of steel. I can't imagine even considering crossing the street while escorting children.

At Twisted Sifter, you can see more terrifying videos of people crossing the street in Vietnam and surviving.

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That's how we cross the street in the Philippines. But that talent does not translate to crossing the street here in the US. People freak out when you attempt to cross in the same manner.
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I agree that it must be a fake. I've never experienced anything like this so it can't be real. It is very colourful and sharp and he is a caucasian which is the real give away. It's Vietnam! No Europeans have ever been there! Not to mention the pixels. Someone has spent a lot of time and energy faking this. Who cares why? I can now continue my life secure in the knowledge that things I am incapable of imagining can't exist. Phew!
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Reminds me of when I was stationed in Naples Italy many years ago. The key was to watch the vehicles out of the corner of your eye. Then just step out into the traffic. If a driver makes eye contact they will not stop. First few times were fairly tough on the nerves but it got real easy after some practice. The drivers always stopped just in time with no horns blaring. That in itself was strange for Neapolitans! GGG
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