Man Calls 911: "Where Can I Get Some Marijuana?"

(Photo: Kurt Clark)

Let's say that it's early in the morning and you're in the mood to get stoned. But you don't have any marijuana on hand. What do you do? Well, obviously, you should call 911. That's what one man in Washington County, Oregon did on May 1. Here's a selection from the transcript:

Man: Where can I get some marijuana?

911: Excuse me?

Man: Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?

911: Do you realize you called the police department?

Man: No I didn’t. That’s very interesting. Well, let me ask you the same question. (long pause) It’s a legitimate question.

911: Which question is that?

Man: Where can I buy some marijuana this morning?

The dispatcher said that she didn't know where he could get marijuana. The caller politely thanked her and hung up. Later, Hillsboro police visited him.

I can easily imagine this as a reference question at a library. In fact, if I was a professor at a library school, I'd use this question in a role-playing session while teaching reference interviewing.

-via Dave Barry

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Come on up to Washington State, where they passed a law that says pot is no longer illegal. Of course, they have yet to set up the system by which you can buy it, you can't legally grow your own, you can't sell it personally, and the medical marijuana distribution system is on the verge of extinction due to a lack of foresight by the regulators. The recent overhaul of the liquor distribution system here, if it is any guide, will show the WSLCB as incompetent boobs as regards pot. We had the highest liquor taxes in the country, which actually increased with privatization.

The interesting thing the State is up against is the well established underground production, distribution and sales of pot that have been pretty effective in getting the product out without hindrance by the authorities for decades.

They are looking at the legal sales of pot as some sort of Manna from heaven, the taxes upon which will solve all their overspending problems in Olympia. I contend that, by taking this view, the State will over regulate and over tax their way right out of the equation and the old fashion underground system will stay intact and thrive.

Time for a bong hit.
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