Cooking with Salvador Dalí

Say you start dating someone you'd like to impress, but they are into art, and your artsiest idea is craft beer. For a mere $300-$500, Savador Dalí  or, rather, his French cookbook "Les Diners de Gala,published in 1973 — can come to your rescue. Tell your honey you plan to cook them a dinner fit for Dalí. What's on the menu? Why, everything from frog legs to desserts. There's even a chapter called "Aphrodisiacs" (the title of which translates to "I eat Gala." Probably not a coincidence that Gala was also the name of his wife)!  Dalí's trademark bizarre beauty of the illustrations should win you enough points to get through the evening, even if your cooking skills are terrible.

Front and back cover of the cookbook

Chapter on Meats




One thing you can cross off your shopping list: spinach, about which Dalí writes,

"I only like to eat what has a clear intelligible form. If I hate that detestable degrading vegetable called spinach, it is because it is shapeless, like Liberty."

Of course! If it made logical sense, it wouldn't be Dalí!

Via Dangerous Minds. 


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